Titania & Oberon

Titania and Oberon are best known as the queen and king of the fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Fairies are somewhat evanescent, mostly benign supernatural beings. Fairies were probably the remnants of an older, goddess-worshiping people, and thus Titania and Oberon are ancient Celtic deities. Titania is the Great Mother, an ancient fertility goddess. Her name may refer to her as "mother of the Titans"; hence she is the earth goddess, Gaia. She is also associated with Diana, the moon goddess, mistress of beasts and mother of animals. Oberon is derived from the Teutonic Alberich, the king of the underworld and master of all hidden wealth.

Titania and Oberon are the Mother and Father of us all. As queen and king of fairies they remind us that the depths of earth and underworld also have a light, approachable and playful side.

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