Amphitrite is the ancient Greek Triple Goddess in her guise as ruler of the sea. Her name, used synonymously with the ocean by Homer, means "the third one who encircles." A moon goddess, Amphitrite retained her individuality even under the later Greeks, who had her married to Poseidon. She has a special concern for all creatures of the sea and is responsible for the foaming waves.

Just as Amphitrite can moderate the winds and the sea, we can learn to calm the waves of our inner storms.

Amphitrite is the ancient sea goddess of the Greeks. The original Great Goddesss in her aspect as ruler of the oceans and seas, she is responsible for all of the life of the sea. She lives in the far western ocean in a golden palace filled with precious gems, where she loves to spin and sing. She is often portrayed with long, flowing hair, a symbol of vitality, strength and creative energy ☺ This goddess reflects the character of the ocean as primordial creation and inexhaustible vital energy, a place of hidden treasure and unending wealth. Amphitrite represents the ability to express the full range of emotions from placid calm to raging storm. She is the ability to move through the depths of the collective unconscious.

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