a.k.a. Artemis

Diana is the ancient Lady of the Beasts, called by the Romans Lucina, Goddess of the Light. As mistress of wild things she is especially responsible for anything young and vulnerable, be it wild or human. She is a goddess of solitude, comfortable with the wilderness and with the great silences of nature. She represents the mystic, primitive identity of the hunter and the hunted. Diana is a moon goddess, symbolizing the moon in its crescent phase. She stands for the virgin, a self-sufficient, free goddess who lives life on her own terms. Especially a goddess of women, she is related to all phases of feminine existence, from infancy to menstruation, through birth, menopause, and death. Diana stands for the part of us that is at home in the wilderness, at home with our primitive, instinctual nature.

Demeter: Greek
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