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    Frank Kelly Freas: The Art of Science Fiction
    Frank Kelly Freas: As He Sees It
    Spelljammer: Into the Void by Nigel Findley
    Spelljammer: The Maelstrom’s Eye by Roger Moore
    Spelljammer: The Radiant Dragon by Elaine Cunningham
    Copyright Violation by Spider Robinson
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    The Gateway Trip: Tales&Vignettes of the Heechee by Frederik Pohl
    The Red Tape War by Jack Chalker, Mike Resnick & George Effinger
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    Martians, Go Home by Fredric Brown
    The Orc Wars: The Yngling Saga, Books I & II by John Dalmas
    The Super Hugos ed. by Martin H. Greenberg
    JW CampbellLetters w/IAsimov & AEvanVogt:II :Perry Chapdelaine,Sr
    The Wishing Season by Esther M. Friesner
    The Day of Their Return by Poul Anderson
    Reunion on Neverend by John E. Stith
    Bloodlines by J. N. Williamson
    Have Spacesuit, Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein
    L. Ron Hubbard :Writers of the Future XI ed. by Dave Wolverton
    Elfquest: The Quest Begins byWendy & Rich Pini (with Wendy Pini) 
    Time & Chance by L. Sprague de Camp
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