Jon Sullivan

Mary Baxter St. Claire
Darrell K. Sweet

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  • The Kingís Demon by Louise Cooper
  • Sacrament of Night by Louise Cooper
  • Spell Fantastic ed. by Martin H. Greenberg & Larry Segriff
  • Warrior Fantastic ed. by Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers
  • Dr. Who The Death of Art by Simon Bucher-Jones
  • Dr. Who The Room With No Doors by Kate Orman
  • Dr. Who So Vile a Sin by Ben Aaronovitch & Kate Orman
  • The New Adventures: Oh No It Isnít! by Paul Cornell
  • The New Adventures: Ship of Fools by Dave Stone
  • The New Adventures: Deadfall by Gary Russell
  • The New Adventures: Oblivion by Dave Stone
  • The New Adventures: Dry Pilgrimage by Paul Leonard & Nick Walters
  • The New Adventures Where Angels Fear by Rebecca Levene & Simon Winstone
  • Enchantmentís Edge: The Orb and the Spectre by Philip G. Williamson
  • Enchantmentís Edge: Orbusís World by Philip G. Williamson
  • Dark Moon by David A. Gemmell
  • Sorceries ed. by Katharine Kerr & Martin H. Greenberg
  • Dragonís Winter by Elizabeth A. Lynn
  • Havenstar by Glenda Noramly
  • Voice of the Demon by Kate Jacoby
  • Black Eagle Rising by Kate Jacoby
  • The Slave and the Free by Suzy McKee Charnas
  • Owlsight by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
  • Owlknight by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
  • The Black Swan by Mercedes Lackey
  • Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey
  • Swords of Haven: The Adventures of Hawk & Fisher by Simon R. Green
  • Hawk & Fisher 2: Fear and Loathing in Haven by Simon R. Green
  • Guards of Haven by Simon R. Green
  • Haven of Lost Souls by Simon R. Green
  • Beyond the Blue Moon by Simon R. Green
  • Worldís End by Mark Chadbourn
  • Darkest Hour by Mark Chadbourn
  • The Thiefís Gamble by Juliet McKenna
  • The Swordsmanís Oath by Juliet McKenna
  • Journeys of the Catechist by Alan Dean Foster
  • King Kelsonís Bride by Katherine Kurtz
  • St. Patrickís Gargoyle by Katherine Kurtz
  • Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones
  • The Curer by Adam Nichols
  • Greyhawk The Temple of Elemental Evil by Thomas M. Reid
  • Decalog 4: Re-Generations: Ten Stories/A Thousand Years/One Family ed. by Andy Lane & Justin Richards