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Warning... some artwork by Christos Achilleos may contain some nudity, but no perversion (animalism or sexualization of children, etc) or pornography (actual sex, etc.) If you don't appreciate that sort of thing... please
I watched Heavy Metal the movie when I was 9. I've always liked the last skit and believe that the Taarna skit is better than the rest of the movie put together, except maybe the music I've always thought this was a beautiful image... I finally found what it's to -- Piers Anthony's Phaze Doubt in British release why, oh why are his covers almost always on British releases?

He was listed on the 1981 British Science Fiction Awards Art category.


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Bookcovers done for:

There's No Escape from Vampires, Werewolves and Other Demons
by Bernhardt J. Hurwood

Bunduki #4
Fearless Master of the Jungle

By J.T. Edson

The Best Horror from Fantasy Tales

A Storm of Wings

by M. John Harrison


by Harry Harrison & Leon Stover

The Story of the Loch Ness Monster

by Tim Dinsdale


By Thomas Burnett Swann

To Die in Italbar

By Roger Zelazny

Monsters & Medics

By James White

Conquest of the Amazon

by John Russell Fearn

Heavy Metal
a novelization of Riding High by L.F. Blake

Stones of Evil

by Bryan Cooper

Farewell, Earth's Bliss
by D.G. Compton

Strangers From the Skies

by Brad Steiger

Fireflood & Other Stories

by Vonda N. McIntyre


by Bernard L. Ross

A Rose in the Banyan Tree

by Richard Hislop

The Mammoth Book of Fantasy All-Time Greats

ed. by R Silverberg & MH Greenberg

Heroic Dreams

Picnic On Paradise

By Joanna Russ

The Unbidden

By R. Chetwynd Hayes

Chariots of Fire

By Michael Parry

Tell Them In Sparta

by Roderick Milton

by Robert Silverberg

The Passion of New Eve
by Angela Carter

The Sword of Orley
by Stewart Farrar

Modesty Blaise The Xanadu Talisman
by Peter O'Donnell

Brak the Barbarian #3 The Mark of Demons
by John Jakes

Vampiro! by Fred Saberhagen

The Wizard of Anharitte
by Colin Kapp

Flinx in Flux
by Alan Dean Foster

The House of the Hatchet
by Robert Bloch

Jack Shackleford


The Eve of Midsummer

The Strickland Demon

H.G. Wells

Steve Wilson

The World Set Free

A Story of Days to Come

Dealer's Move

Dealer's Wheels

Karl Edward Wagner

Robert Jackson

Darkness Weaves


The Israeli Airforce Story

The Red Falcons

Frederick Nolan

Curt Siodmak

No Place to be a Cop

The Oshawa Project

Donovan's Brain

Hauser's Memory

Alan Burt Akers' Kregen/Dray Prescott Saga

Delian Cycle

Transit to Scorpio

The Suns of Scorpio

Warrior of Scorpio

Swordships of Scorpio
Havilfar cycle
Krozair Cycle
Vallian Cycle

Manhounds of Antares

Renegade of Kregen

Krozair of Kregen

Secret Scorpio
Pandahem Cycle
Witch War Cycle

Edgar Rice Burroughs' PELLUCIDAR


Talons of Scorpio

Witches of Kregen

At the Earth's Core


Tanar of Pellucidar

Back to the Stone Age

Land of Terror

Savage Pellucidar

Priest-Kings of Gor

Nomads of Gor

Assassin of Gor

Raiders of Gor

Captive of Gor

Hunters of Gor

Marauders of Gor

Slave-Girl of Gor

Robert E. Howard

Poul Anderson


The Lost Valley of Iskander

World of Heroes

The Rebel Worlds

King Kull

Swords of Shrahzar

Worms of the Earth

A Circus of Hells


The Valley of the Worm

The Shadow Kingdom

War of the Wing-Men

David Eddings

Michael Moorcock

Belgariad book 1

Elric at the End of Time

Moorcock's Book of Martyrs

The Bull & the Spear

Belgariad book 2

The Land Leviathan

The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius

The War Hound the the World's Pain

Raven by "Richard Kirk"

#1 by Angus Wells & Robert Holdstock
#2 by Robert Holdstock
#3 by Angus Wells
#4 by Robert Holdstock

Raven I: Swordsmistress of Chaos

Raven II: A Time of Ghosts

Raven III: The Frozen God

Raven IV: Lords of the Shadows
#5 by Angus Wells

Brothers of the Dragon
By Robin Wayne Bailey

Raven 5: A Time of Dying

Brothers of the Dragon

Straight on Til Mourning

US TITLE = Flames of the Dragon

The Palace of Souls

US TITLE = Triumph of the Dragon

Piers Anthony's Apprentice Adept


Out of Phaze

Robot Adept

Unicorn Point

Phaze Doubt

Talbot Mundy's Tros of Samothrace





Saul Dunn's Cabal Trilogy

Richard Monaco's Parsival

The Cabal

The Black Moon

The Evangelist

The Final Quest

Leigh Brackett's Skaith Trilogy

The Ginger Star

The Hounds of Skaith

The Reavers of Skaith

The Grail War

Richard Cowper

Victor Milan & Robert E. Vardeman


By Richard Cowper

Time Out Of Mind

Twilight of Briareus

The War of Powers book 1
  • The City in the Glacier
  • The Destiny Stone
  • The Sundered Realm
  • Anne McCaffrey

    To Ride Pegasus




    The War of Powers book II: Istu Awakened
  • Demon of the Dark Ones
  • The Fallen Ones
  • In the Shadow of Omizantrim

  • Light a Last Candle
    by Vincent King

    The Single-Handers

    By Graeme Cook

    They Hosed them Out

    By John Beede

    R.A.F.: Biggin Hill

    By Graham Wallace

    The John Lennon Story

    By George Tremlett

    The Bandy Papers vol 3: It's Me Again

    By Donald Jack


    By George Harding

    The Moonshine War

    By Elmore Leonard

    And the Dawn Came Up Like Thunder

    By Leo Rawlings


    By Richard Carlile

    Operation Earth

    by Brinsley Le Pour Trench

    Real-Time World

    by Christopher Priest

    Dr. Who

    The Doctor Who Monster Book

    The Second Doctor Who Monster Book

    Back cover large

    The Amazing World of Doctor Who

    The Making of Doctor Who

    By Terrance Dicks & Malcolm Hulke

    The Daleks

    by David Whitaker

    The Zarbi

    by Bill Strutton

    The Crusaders

    by David Whitaker

    The Auton Invasion

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Cave Monsters

    by Malcolm Hulke

    The Day of the Daleks

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Doomsday Weapon

    by Malcolm Hulke

    The D�mons

    by Barry Letts

    The Sea-Devils

    by Malcolm Hulke

    The Abominable Snowmen

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Curse of Peladon

    by Brian Hayles

    The Cybermen

    by Gerry Davis

    The Three Doctors

    by Terrance Dicks

    the Dinosaur Invasion

    by Malcolm Hulke

    The Ice Warriors

    by Brian Hayles

    The Revenge of the Cybermen

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Genesis of the Daleks

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Web of Fear

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Space War

    by Malcolm Hulke

    The Planet of the Daleks

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Pyramids of Mars

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Carnival of Monsters

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Seeds of Doom

    by Philip Hinchcliffe

    The Dalek Invasion of Earth

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Claws of Axos

    by Terrance Dicks

    The Ark in Space

    by Ian Marter

    The Loch Ness Monster

    by Terrance Dicks

    the Tenth Planet

    by Gerry Davis

    Star Trek

    Voyage to Adventure
    : A Star Trek "Which Way" book

    by Michael J. Dodge

    Star Trek 1
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 2
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 3
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 4
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 5
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 6
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 7
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 8
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 9
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 10
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 11
    edited by James Blish

    Star Trek 12
    edited by James Blish


    by Joe Millard

    A Coffin Full of Dollars

    The Devil's Dollar-Sign

    Blood for a Dirty Dollar

    Million-Dollar Bloodhunt

    by Brian Fox

    by Frank Chandler

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    For A Few Dollars More

    A Dollar To Die For

    A Fistful of Dollars

    By Matt Chisholm



    Tough to Kill

    Hell for McAllister

    Kill McCallister

    McAllister Justice

    McAllister Rides

    McAllister Strikes

    Rage of McAllister

    Death at Noon

    The Hangman Rides Tall

    The Hard Men

    The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales

    By Forrest Carter

    The McMasters

    By Dean Owen

    Big With Vengeance

    By Cecil Snyder

    K'ing Kung-Fu

    By Marshall Macao

    Son of the Flying Tiger

    Return of the Opium Wars

    The Rape of Sun Lee Fong

    The Kak-Abdullah Conspiracy

    The Holy Warrior: Muhammad Ali

    By Don Ayeto & Felix Dennis

    My Martial Arts Training Guide

    By Bruce Lee

    Kung Fu Master Richard Dragon:
    Dragon's Fists

    By James R Berry & Dennis O'Neil
    as Jim Dennis

    Gamebooks & Games

    Armies of Death

    by Ian Livingstone

    The Trolltooth Wars

    by Steve Jackson

    Temple of Terror

    by Ian Livingstone

    Space Assassin
    by Andrew Chapman

    Out of the Pit: Fighting Fantasy Monsters

    by Marc Gascoigne, Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone

    Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World

    by Marc Gascoigne, Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone

    Middle Earth: the Role-Playing Game

    Blood Royale boardgame

    Barbarian computer RPG

    Warrior Knights boardgame

    Talisman Adventure expansion


    Talisman boardgame

    Riders of Rohan Computer RPG

    Carthage Computer RPG

    The TransFormers
    Peril From the Skies

    The TransFormers
    Dinobot War


    2000AD, Juy2001

    Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction, May 1989 / vol13#5

    Dr. Who magazine
    #114 July 1986

    ElfFantasy 2006

    Heavy Metal, Dec 1980

    Heavy Metal Magazine
    , Sept 1981

    Heavy Metal Magazine
    , April 1983

    Heavy Metal Magazine
    , December 1983

    Heavy Metal Special

    One Step Beyond

    Fantasy Tales, Autumn 1988 / vol10#1

    G.M. Nov 1988 / #1.3

    Starburst #94, June 1986

    Warlock #5

    The Fighting Fantasy Magazine

    Warlock #6

    The Fighting Fantasy Magazine

    Warlock #8

    The Fighting Fantasy Magazine

    Warlock #11

    The Fighting Fantasy Magazine

    Warlock #12

    The Fighting Fantasy Magazine

    White Dwarf #58

    White Dwarf #61

    Computer + Video Games, Oct 1985

    CD COVERS / Audio Books / Movie Posters, etc.

    Fallen Angel
    by Uriah Heep

    Heavy Metal
    by Soundtrack

    Heart Attack
    by Krokus

    Lovehunter by Whitesnake

    The Once & Future King part 1
    by Gary Hughes

    The Once & Future King part 2
    by Gary Hughes

    Return to Evermore
    by Ten

    The Quatermass Memoirs

    The Day of the Triffids

    Aliens in the Mind

    Enter the Dragon

    With Bruce Lee [VHS]

    Heavy Metal

    Grease 2


    Twilight Zone the movie

    Clash of the Titans
    , 1981

    The Pursuit / The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
    , 1981

    On Dangerous Ground / Choke Canyon
    , 1986

    The Protector

    Girls Just Want to Have Fun the movie
    , 1985



    The Jupiter Menace
    , 1984

    Riding High

    The Lamp / The Outing
    , 1987

    The Visitor
    , 1979

    Swamp Thing
    , 1982

    Strange New World
    , 1975

    City Beneath the Sea
    , 1971

    , 1988

    King Arthur
    , 2004

    The Last Legion
    , 2007